The event is a rain or shine event on Sunday, September 12.

Creating a personal Fundraising Campaign Page is not required. You can simply register and ride or walk by buying a ticket.

But people who choose to raise funds on our behalf will have the most impact on our programs and athletes.

We encourage you to consider fundraising. The platform makes it easy and you'll find it's fun and gratifying to see how people support your effort to help.

To get yourself set up, just go here and click the Fundraise button, you'll be on your way to making a big difference in your community.

Here are two great guides to assuring you will have success and have fun as you work to support PCAS and our athletes.

Setting Up Your Fundraising Page

Ultimate Fundraising Success Guide

To participate as a rider or walker on September 12, the fee is $45.00.  There is no fee to volunteer, but you must still register and choose a volunteer ticket.

You can also choose to participate as a Virtual rider or walker. You'll have access to the Fundraising component when you do.

Our experience tells us that $500 is an achievable goal for most people. 

Absolutely. In fact, this is a great way to generate funds. As part of joining the Fundraising Campaign,  you'll create your own Team Page or join an existing Team. You'll have your own individual  Fundraising Page.

Add friends and colleagues to your Team, and start your journey to support athletes with disabilities. 

All contributions you receive are added to your Individual Page as well as rolling up to any Group Team page you have joined.

Read the Onboarding Guide to jump-start your set-up and ensure success!  Another helpful guide is The Ultimate Fundraising Success Guide.

When you first register you'll be guided through setting up a personal fundraising page.

This is where you will log in to manage all your activity including tracking fundraising, communicating with supporters, posting to social media, and more. It's the hub of your fundraising activity.

You can personalize your page by adding photos and adjusting the body copy. Personalization has real benefits for your fundraising success.

There are three main ways. You can do one of these, or all three:


To an individual raising funds or directly to the event.


You'll maximize your success when you register and create a fundraising page (most of the work is done for you). 

Register and Ride/Walk

Join the ride in-person on September 12, or be a virtual participant.

Funds will support a range of program activities.

With a successful campaign, we'll continue our efforts to build more inclusive communities without interruption.

We'll invest in more state-of-the-art adapted sports equipment, launch new programs like Freedom Rows, a disabled Veterans rowing program, and keep our existing programs operating.

Sure, we are here to help. Just contact us at: fundraisingsupport@centeronline.com

There is a great Onboarding Guide and a related Fundraising Success Guide. Both are worth reading.

You bet! Social Media is a cornerstone to success. Post to social media through your  Fundraising page. This will track donations that come through those media.

Using the hashtag #CDM21 you can announce and update your success and effort to your supporters in posts to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you use the above hashtag in Instagram, we’ll be pulling the Instagram feed into the site. You might be famous, or at least recognized for your effort! It's also a great way to let others know what you are doing.

Follow these links to get off to a great start:

Quick Tips:

  • Consider posting to social media weekly.
  • Use the social media links from your Fundraising page to post. This will track donations that come through social media posts. 
  • Use the hashtag #CDM21 on social media posts. 
  • Email your peers, colleagues, and family to enlist their support. 
  • Always thank someone immediately if they have supported you. A simple thanks is usually enough. 

Glad you asked! While we had to cease our face-to-face programming in March 2020, we were able to pivot quickly and now conduct online fitness, wellness, and sports training programs every week.

It's hard to know the full effect of the Pandemic on our athletes and participants. In the best of times, social isolation is a real issue for many people with disabilities, and the Pandemic has probably made this more acute. We've hosted Happy Hours, Movie Night, and other socially distant get-togethers on Zoom to keep people connected. 

We've recently started up live in-person programming again,  and are looking forward to opening more programs for our disabled athletes in the future. We are delighted to be back in the community.

Because the Pandemic forced us to cancel several key events like two spring Cinco De Mayo Rides and the 2020 Bayada Regatta, we are experiencing a funding gap.

That’s what makes an event like this so important to our ability to achieve our mission and keep operating. We really appreciate your help!